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I’m Joe, I’m 25, a college grad from JSC. I’m a nerd, a playwright, a photographer, a landscaper, a graphic-designer, a lover, a fighter, a cat-person and the proprietor of Midgarth Games.

As a young nerd-ling, my time was usually occupied by running around in the woods with a wooden stick, a towel, tied cape-style about my shoulders and an eye out for treasures (usually Christmas light bulbs, pouches of pennies, a sword hidden underneath brush, or a magical piece of armor). I had an exciting childhood, and probably killed more kobolds, gnolls and undead than any eight year old has any business to.

As I grew older, I focused this need for nerdom into other facets. As a homeschooler, who was not religious, that gave me very few people to hang out with; so, I started making games for myself. It started with legos, a pen and paper and an old AD&D handbook. It wasn’t dungeons and dragons yet, but it was an uber homebrew answer to a boy who was yearning for it. Before long, I was neglecting my home work to play this new game, that I called “Heretics.” I began to become acquainted with Photoshop and started making battle grids to play on. And I even found a group to play Dungeons and Dragons with; and in typical nerd fashion, we played in one of their mother’s basements.

My very first character, a half-elven ranger, named DelGryphon was loosely based on Aragorn. Though short-lived, he was the precursor to many more accomplished and celebrated DelGryphon’s (some good, some evil).

College is where my nerdity really took off, however. I would enjoy at my peak, four weekly campaigns, two of which I was DMing; but as time grew on, I would become the sole DM to a large flock of nerds. And despite my love of PCing, I picked up the reigns and told a story.

I still DM about 98% of the time, and I miss the opportunites to PC—so if anyone reading this, wants a very detail-oriented, well-spoken and charismatic PC in their campaign, please do not hesitate to ask.

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