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I’ve lived in Missouri and Nevada most of my life. I’ve played video games for as long as I can remember, then in 2007 my older brother gave me the box set of D&D 4e for christmas. He ran the first game and short adventure (Keep on the Shadowfel) and after that I’ve run pretty much every game I’ve ever played.
After D&D we moved on to Shadowrun 4e, and mutants and masterminds. Recently I’ve picked up Pathfinder and I love it. I’ve always preferred 3.5 over 4e and Pathfinder is my new favorite.
Anyways, I’ve been GMing for six years, I love playing and running games. I think I’m a pretty good GM, though I know I have some shortcomings. This newest campaign I’m running (The mystery of Kars’ Kathoon) is the most ambitious game I’ve run so far. WIsh me luck!

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