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I first played RPG's over twenty five years ago – classic AD&D (and later Tunnels & Trolls) with school friends.  I still remember buying my first polyhedral dice, and splurging on lead miniatures from Ral Partha, Games Workshop and the rest…

Since then I've played a lot of D&D and Traveller, and some Call of Cthulhu.  I like both DMing and playing, they're quite different experiences.  D&D 4e is excellent, a huge step forward from 3e so far.

I enjoy puzzle-solving and finding creative ways of overcoming obstacles. I don't fare too well at long bouts of role-playing although I do occasionally develop a genuine character.  Ideal sessions for me are light-hearted and fun.  Bending rules to make things quick and enjoyable are all but obligatory.

When I'm not playing tabletop RPGs I'm a professional technical database administrator on Oracle systems, spending money on computers, recorded music, books and sometimes the environmentally unfriendly products of Stuttgart's finest manufactory: Dr.Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.

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