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As a young child of, oh, let’s say 9 or so, my brother (7 years my senior) Davey was heavily into D&D. He would bring his friends over and they would all gather around a table and move little people around and roll some dice, and I would always ask to play. Davey would quickly say, “No Geoff you can’t. But maybe when you’re a little older okay? It’s a really hard game and I don’t think you would be able to play well.” And me being a little boy of 9 that was that….

I still remember my first game, Even if it was in 4th Ed. I was about 14 and Davey asked me if I would like to try D&D with him and his friends. Remembering this as the game I was never allowed to play, I almost immediately accepted with a beaming face.

So game night rolls around and we all gathered to make characters. Davey and I arrived 2 hours early to help me set up my new character, which turned out to be an Eladrin rogue named Sethierous. I was so happy at the initial creation i almost spilled water all over my character sheet. When the game finally started we had our party: (sorry if I can’t remember them all it was a long time ago) We had my Eladrin rogue Seth, The Human paladin Darondalin (or some such ridiculous name) played by mine and my brother’s good friend Ryan Richter, The Human Cleric played by Kieth, the Elven Ranger (most awesomely dual-wielding flails) played by Kieth’s brother, Shawn, a Human wizard played surprisingly by one of Richter’s sisters (can’t remember which one), and I forget what Brandon played but knowing Brandon it was probably a fighter.

As the party meets up in a tavern for the first time and gets their quest, I quickly realize how bad I am at roleplaying with people that I’ve just met (even today when these people are my good friends I still have trouble). So I took up the position as the party mute, the one who never talks but would still be incredibly useful somehow (somehow indeed!). As we set off down our path we were almost immediately set upon by a pack of Kobolds. Having never even heard of Kobolds before I was a little worried, until I shot one through the face with a crossbow bolt (as I would later learn these were mooks, or minions. In other words they have 1 hp). I was so excited that I got my first kill that I almost dropped my new dice. That is the one moment I will never forget in my entire D&D “career” (for lack of a better word). Now as a rogue I learned that the Stealth skill and sneak attack is probably one of the most satisfying things in D&D ever, if you pull it off that is. And luckily I had a decent Stealth bonus so there was no one who was safe from my shurikens!

Now one thing about my playing that I am still slightly ashamed about (as well I should be), is my almost constant anxiety to fight a dragon. I mean come one the game is called Dungeons and Dragons for Pete’s sake! And after learning that Dungeons were fun Dragons must be too right? Abso-fucking-lutely wrong was I in my logic.

Fast forward the clock to 16 years old. The only game I had played since that first game in my 8th grade year was the one I was currently playing (and still currently playing, also having been introduced to Pathfinder and using it ever since), as another rogue, only this time as a lovable little Halfling named Krikit (great name for a hobbit right?). And during this game we had gotten to about 5th level I think and STILL no dragon, but I had calmed down a little after hearing several reports of dragons being absolutely terrible. So when Davey approached me again with the inquiry of whether I would like to join him and the usual gang (Richter, Mitch, Evan, Bman) in a one-nighter 17th level game taking place in the arctic? I responded with a, “Hells to the yeah!” So I got down to work on my 17th level character. I had lately been toying with the idea of a druid and here was the opportunity to try it out! But having just finished my character in just under an hour of work, my super awesome druid with lots of cash to spare (I ended up getting an intelligent item just for shits-and-giggles) was never used. I had never used a spell-caster before and Davey politely suggested that I stick with something I’m familiar with, especially for such a high level game. And what, everyone, have I played for the only two games I ever participated in? A rogue that’s right! So that night after he told me I sat down and just worked into the morning on perfecting this super lvl7 Rogue, lvl10 Shadowdancer. I was so happy with this build. I thought it was just so cool that I could literally hide even when someone is looking at me and teleport through shadows! And with my Ring of invisibility? A total of a +70 Stealth mod? There’s just no reason to use it. And so our group set off! My Rogue, Davey’s bi-polar alchemist, Evan’s mute dwarven monk, and Bman’s usual fighter. We flew over the snow and eventually came to the glacier we were looking for, with an army of giants camped up outside it. Luckily with our knowledge checks we found a rooftop entrance. So two of us were elected to go fly (courtesy of the alchemist[s?]) up there. Me and the dwarf who couldn’t speak. And Mitch so full of glee informs us that we have ever so wisely, woken up an irritated Ice Linorm (basically a venomous serpent-like dragon with no wings but can still fly). So I finally got my wish. I was face to face with a dragon. Half alone too. And just like any dragon it automatically started out with it’s breath attack, which I so luckily dodged. Unfortunately the Dwarf didn’t and became frozen. Luckily for him, however, he had the dimension door spell prepped and he teleported into the linorm’s horde. Not the wisest idea but okay, as long as he kept it’s attention from me. The linorm dove in after the monk (who proceeded to punch out an eye), with me clueless at the top of the hole. Then I remembered that I had a bow. So I began raining arrows down upon the linorm. It started to look like we might do this! Unfortunately dragons are intelligent and can tell when they’re losing, so the dragon readjusted and flew back out of the hole flying right…by…me. He looked into my eye with his remaining eye and took a snap at me…a snap that most unfortunately hit. I was poisoned with 2d6 Con drain (which sucks for those of you who don’t know) and badly wounded too. And then as his tail whipped by I was picked up by it and squeezed well past my negative Con level (or dead). So I died. I was dropped by the linorm and landed on the ice. My buddies eventually made it and set fire to the thing and it exploded over the giants below. I didn’t get revived until just before the last fight.

So lesson to be learned?

Dragons suck.

I am currently taking part in 3 games. Carrion Crown where I play a halfling Rogue named Krikkit.
Council of Thieves (which has been concluded at level 11 but we might pick it back up again someday) where I play a human paladin named Kalib (who has been voted for the best paladin death ever).
And Serpent’s Skull where I play a Half-Elven Druid named Kyara.
And I’m currently working on my Goblin Rogue named Fizx (I’m excited)

I might add more to this bio tomorrow night but right now I’m pretty tired.

Okay so Krikkit died. and so did his replacement, the good Doctor Slartibarfast. Hopefully the next character won’t end so badly.
All the goblins died as well….but that’s be expected ‘cause you know….they’re goblins.

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