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I grew up in central Minnesota, and due to being the only child in town without a sibling I have always been a little anti social, and awkward because of how “different” I seemed to the other children of the town. For that reason I fell into video games to keep me company since I rarely had a lot of friends. This lead to an addiction with fantasy settings, and amazing stories of other worlds where magic, and dragons existed.

Years later due to family complications I was given the choice of moving to Arizona with my Mother, or living with drug addicts that were taking over my Dad’s house while he was in prison. I chose to move to Arizona with my mom, and a few years later made some friends who took me to a game shop. Later on that game shop known as “Bad Moons Gaming” became a very good place for me to meet some people with the same interests as myself. It was here at the age of seventeen that I found Dungeons and Dragons, and I have expanded into a few other table top RPGs since then.

Table top gaming is my absolute favorite hobby, and the only problem with it is that I can only usually gather enough people to play a game once a week for only a few short hours. I love writing and imagining my own world, and settings, and I love creating characters I get to play as. I am in a lot more games then my profile would lead people to believe since many of my friends in table top gaming don’t use this sight despite it’s great ability to allow users to create, and maintain the content of the game from their own households even while the game isn’t taking place.

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