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“Lord of the Ruins” is a reference to the final enemy of SSI’s Dungeons & Dragons computer adventure game, “Pool of Radiance”, released in 1988. Who and what the might and powerful Lord of the Ruins is, is a mystery until the very end of the adventure…

As of 2016, I’m 48 years old, and have been playing Role Playing Games since 1981 (over 36 years). Since that time, I’ve owned, played, and ran a multitude of Role Playing Games, Tabletop Miniatures Games, and Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games.

In 1992, I was a former part-owner of a game shop in the St Louis area. Until recently, I was a full time Machinist of over 25 years experience. Currently, I’m a professional sculptor, drawer, painter, metal artist, and armorer. I have extensive research knowledge and first hand experience of how to build real, fully functional, and articulated armor. As a note, the avatar I use on this website is in fact, of me wearing a completely functional suit of stainless steel Gothic German Plate Armor (circa 1485, but the gauntlets are Northern Italian, early 1400’s) that I crafted, myself. I also have experience in full contact armored combat, mixed martial arts (I’ve earned one black belt), and four years of full-time military experience; all of which has worked nicely in conglomeration with over 35 years of gaming experiences, in translating/understanding combat, the “human situation”, and logical, yet fantastical, game system development; for use in amateur game development of computer, and pen & paper role playing games.

Apart from the previous mentioned things, I have always been fascinated and passionate about fantasy and science fiction, with an inspired sense of wonder about the drama of the milieu. That passion comes out in the way that I play the characters, and run the games.

As a Game Master, I am proud to say that my campaigns of previous years have been great successes (it’s been many years since I’ve ran those games). The Players still revel, not only in their characters, but also in the game content, and the dramatic cinematic moments within my campaigns, as well. I am greatly flattered by their generous, unsolicited praise of my Game Mastering over the years. For that, I am grateful.

As a Player, I felt greatly appreciated by the Game Masters and Players, in particular, of many years ago; who seemed to enjoy the depth and flavor of my characters, and the degree of work and personal interest that I put into the games that they were running. I take pride in the courtesy and the spirit of cooperation that I offer to both, the Players and the Game Master. It is because of these things that Game Masters often didn’t hesitate to allow me to play many unique characters (sometimes several, simultaneously) beyond the normal core choices, as they knew that they could trust me to play well within the campaign, further the storyline, and bring good things to the overall game.

It is with great excitement that I move forward to continue to participate in gaming, and work with others to bring a high quality and exciting experience for years to come.

~Lord of the Ruins

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