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I first got into D&D/RPG’s whilst at Uni, I’ve been playing on/off for 7 years but still a little bit on the newer end of the scale. I’ve recently been playing a 4e campaign with some friends but due to other commitments the group has temporary disbanded.

my Previous Chara’s include Ruby Burrows the halfling rouge (3.5), Anxallia Swiftsword the human fighter (3.5), Aza’Belle Thunderstone a Dwaven paladin of Kord (4e), Lily Weatherbee the Wildwanderer a Halfing Sorceress (Wild) (4e) and Bellatrix Krusher (from the village of West-Lea ;) ) a Half-Orc Barbarian

I never know what to write in these bits… _

I adore knitting & baking (female weaknesses? ;) )

I love comic books/graphic novels, web comics (Penny Arcade), TV & Films like Star Wars, Star Trek, Zombie Movies, Firefly, Lost, Adventure Time & Regular Show.

I play D&D, (rather obv) I DM a 4e game in a local gaming store & dabble in Magic The Gathering as well as a vast amount of video games! I love them all but Portal, Minecraft & Borderlands are my top played at the moment

I have a very ‘different’ sense of style, it changes from day to day, I love Japanese culture, Anime, manga etc. and have a ‘slight’ thing for all things Hello Kitty
cough >__>

I graduated with BA Hons. in History & Drama and am living with my fiance Craig who has put up with me for about 9.8 years now! (wedding Sept 2015)

I love to have a laugh and a good doodle, I also have a very eclectic taste in music (far to vast to go into detail) that’s it really so…

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