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I started roleplaying with Rolemaster and Cyberpunk 2020 when I was 14 or so. Later on I was introduced to Earthdawn, Twilight 2000 and Call of Cthulhu. My first big gaming love was Traveller. I bought a Megatraveller computer game, the Zhodani Conspiracy. With it came a huge manual, which told a lot about the game world above and beyond the computer game. I instantly knew it was a P&P game I wanted to play. I couldn’t find anyone running it in my area, so I ended up buying a bunch of books…and running the game for years.

I first tried D&D in 2002 or 2003, which must make me a pretty rare gamer. I had played SSI’s computer games before, but somehow never came across tabletop games. Later on I started to run d20 Conan. I first kept a campaign journal on the forums of the game. Later the journal was moved here on Obsidian Portal.

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