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I’m one of the creators of The Secret of Zir’an RPG 1st ed, we are currently working on the 2nd ed & hoping to get it out to folks very soon. I’ve also written for Other World Creations & White Wolf.

I’ve been happily role-playing for about 30+ years D&D, Star Frontiers, Villains and Vigilantes, Call of Cthulhu, Middle Earth Role Playing, Marvel & DC heroes, Ars Magica, etc. I love em, RPGs/Gaming is a hobby & a lifestyle that has luckily made me some money but more importantly given me great friends & lots of laughs over the years.

Currently I’ve really been into GMing Trail of Cthulu & GUMSHOE’s other products (Fear itself & Mutant City blues), Hollow Earth Expeditions, Dead of Night, Silver-age Sentinels & of course the Secret of Zir’An. On very rare, blue moon, double rainbow occasions I actually get to be a player in some games too.

When I’m not gaming, I’m bartending & used to own a couple of bars in SF. Sometimes when I know a fellow gamer is at my bar instead of the ol’ barkeep “How was your day?” I’ll ask “How’s your campaign?” If you’ve ever had someone corner you & tell you about their character at a Con, try adding booze to all that. Adventure!

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