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I’m a Nashville native that practically learned to read and write on ‘Advanced Dungeons & Dragons’ (what we call ‘2E’ now :-) and have been plying since (Up until about 8 years ago, almost exclusively DM’ing!) While I’ve tried lots of other games over the years… I always come back to good ‘ol D&D (WHATEVER the edition!- yes, I think even 4E has its merits! its has actually spoiled me rotten with its ease of running- I have no desire EVER to RUN a 3-3.5E game ever again!). As a matter-of-fact I’m running a FATE game at the shop now- and I must say… FATE is an awesome system.
After reading a little of the ‘edition wars’ that cropped up after the clusterf*k that was WOTC’s release of 4E… I had this idea for a 5th edition featuring a ‘5th’ age that would be largely inspired by Jack Vance’s ‘dying earth’ writings that so inspired the original creators of D&D…. this is the result of a lot of daydreaming.

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