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I have been playing RPGs for a good few years now, most of my time is spent as a game leader, dungeon master or storyteller depending on the game. I am a fan of dungeons and dragons 5th edition, World of Darkness (Old and New), Shadows of Esteren and Star Wars FFG. I play other RPGs too but those are the ones I am the most invested in. I favor interesting characters, storylines and set pieces to mechanical number crunching and like games when they are fast and fun. Although I have a huge soft spot for puzzles and things to solve. I usually favor gritty settings like world of darkness, Esteren’s Tri-Kazel, Westeros, Ravenloft, and Call of Cthulhu. If I am in the mood I do enjoy both Eberron and Planescape as campaign settings as well despite being on the high fantasy side of the fence.

Other random tidbits, I am a druid in real life and am living in central florida. I am going to school for zoology and enjoy reading, doctor who and anything outdoors.

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