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I LOVE gaming I think it is possibly the most fun you can have with you clothes on while not committing a felony. Dungeons and Dragons, Palladium Rifts, Exalted, Were-wolf, Vampire, Firefly, the list could go on I like em all. I have DMed and GMed however my greatest enjoyment comes from playing. I prefer deep-emersion style gaming but I’ve never turned down just kicking in the door and killing the monster.

I work at WABI as a photojournalist. I collect the news bring it back to the station someone writes the story then I edit it. S’a good time its a job that fits with my love of story telling. I’m a horrible writer so anytime i get to tell a story through oration or any means other than words on paper I’m good.

I also enjoy video games, Fallout and Half-life KICK SO MUCH ASSS!!! I like fantasy and sifi media, novels, shows, movies ect. I can draw alil not as well as i used to. I have 3 cats but REALLY want a dog. A Corgi, specifically. They’re God’s lil punch lines.

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