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I was first introduced to D&D 3rd edition back in 2001 by a good friend of mine. He was fairly sure that I would take well to the game and did I ever. From my first character creation I was hooked. I took in everything I could, became a bit of a book collector. Played in second edition campaigns but always found that I preferred the 3rd edition rule set. However there were many things I didn’t like about all the worlds I visited, the worlds never let you go far into the deep end of character creation. There was a great story in all the worlds but sometimes they seemed overplayed, and were played usually by players who had too much out of game knowledge about their world of choice. So I started building, and building, and collecting. Slowly the world that would be known as Salus came to be. Living without much history, never seeing adventures play upon its lands. Some of my favorite character builds left DMs cringing. I continued to play for many years in many different campaigns before taking a bit of a break from it all.

Last summer a few of my friends were playing a Pathfinder campaign and I thought I would love to blow the dust off my books and give D&D another go. And so I did, only to find it had the same addictive properties it did in the beginning. I needed more, so I pulled out my books I had created on Salus and went to work correcting the world, refining and expanding. After some work it dawned on me what I wanted Salus to be, a world that included both the best of D&D and the world of Steampunk. Before moving I got a chance to introduce my friends to a single game session in Salus and they loved it. When I settled down after my move I put out the word that I was looking for gamers. I’m determined to make Salus the world people will always want to play, even with its flaws and issues. And I’m giving my DM skills one heck of a workout!

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in playing or have some ideas. I’m always looking for something fresh to introduce.

A little more about me, I like to do things the old fashion way, from painting figures to building my own stuff to use. As I said I’m a bit of a D&D collector when I’m able to talk my wife into my “need” for a particular book or figure. I’ve collected things like the original Red Box (which I think is funny that it was just recently re-released) and other rarities like Spelljammer, first edition books, and some of the original pewter figures. In my none D&D time I am a full time student in biology, working on a none D&D novel, and enjoying some SCA events.

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