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So, let’s see here. About me, I have been playing off and on for over a quarter of a century (dear god, am I that old?). And yes, I know what thac0 is, yes I have some of the 10/+10 d20s that used to come in the TSR D&D box sets and yes, I have a small fortune in dead tree editions of books. I am married, and the mortgage has cut into my book purchases, but I try to game at least once a week. Unlike probably 99% of the users here, I very rarely play computer games. I am much happier reading while watching a movie. I dislike hack’n’slashing so much so that until last year I had never played just a straight fighter in a fantasy campaign. I prefer modern or post-apocalyptic, but will play in most any setting. My style of GMing is very freestyle. I plan an overlying outline of events, a few specific scenes, and perhaps a few key characters. Other than that I let the players drive the storyline. I attempt to make all the players have fun and be “worthwhile” in the game. As a player I try to make my characters memorable enough that they are talked about by the other players after the game.

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