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I have been Dungeon Master for over 20 years now. I’ve run many different game systems and editions of systems over the course of many years. I work part time as a data file author for Hero Lab. I’ve converted Dark Sun, Eberron, and Forgotten Realms into the Pathfinder game system for use through Hero Lab.

Due to a falling out between myself and Tim Shadow over on the wolflair forums I will no longer be making data updates available through the community pfsrd that Tim maintains. I know this news will come as upsetting to some of you. I apologize for that, but when bridges burn, you can’t do much about the fallout. I had already gotten a new Dark Sun release prepared but that will now be delayed for some time due to the fallout from Tim’s condescending attitude toward me. Yeah, it was stupid, really stupid, he misinterpreted something I posted and got a small mob of people on me for it, and then gave me an attitude. Personally I am not a person to deal with a condescending attitude. I give respect, I expect it in return. I don’t care if I do something incorrectly, that doesn’t give anyone the right to walk on me or talk down to me. I won’t tolerate that from anyone. I am sorry that the community has to suffer this inconvenience as a result of things that happened.

I do not currently have a plan for getting data released on my own. I will post here when I have something set up. I am considering just coding in (adding to hero lab) the expanded psionics handbook to bypass the problems with Psionics Unleashed. (Or at the very least the d20 Psionics data for the srd). This will take time and may not be completed quickly. Its also up in the air, as I have no plan set in stone yet.

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