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Grew up in Central Illinois, always been a video game and fantasy fan. Ah, the days of the old “lick and blow” original NES system. LOL

My quest into P-n-P gaming started in 97 or 98 when an old friend of mine introduced me to gaming through the old D6 Star Wars game, which led to me joining his D&D group. He taught me the ins and outs of DMing and my first DMing came as one on one sessions with my(then pregnant) GF in Ravenloft. After moving to Colorado a group formed with me running my wife and a few of her friends from back in high school. Those sessions served as bedtime stories to our kids who would often lay there and listen(and occasionally interject good ideas) to our sessions and fall asleep to them.

Our gaming addiction seems to have rubbed off on our 3 kids(now 12, 13 and 15) as my group I run now consists of me running my wife and our 3 kids(and occasionally a member of our old gaming group when he’s in town) in what has become a day(sometimes 2) a week of good food, good laughs, good times and good fun…all in all a day that our entire household looks forward too.

It has now been brought to my attention that our 15 year old daughter has expressed interest in learning the “Art of DMing” as she puts it. That makes me one proud poppa. LOL

I have played/Dmed in: Star Wars D6, AD&D, D&D 3, D&D 3.5, D&D 4th ed., Shadowrun, Warhammer, Exalted, Ravenloft, Star Wars Saga Edition, Serenity, DC Adventures, WoD.