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Deep in the forests of Lurar exists the once prominent city of Myth Drannor. Twas a city highly revered by all races, from dwarves, humans, and eladrins. However the Drows wanted the power of the fire crystal that the sun elves had in their possession. With the fire crystal at their disposal they could burn the lands as they saw fit and destroy those who meddled in drow´s affairs The drow´s king Mori´Ksh became consumed with jealousy that possessed his already evil heart. He ordered his troops to march towards the great city of light. Thus began the Mori ar’ Me’a Ohta [Dark and Light wars]. The city was in ruins, the darkness had all but consumed this once thriving city. Just when all hope seemed to be lost Me´a Urben [a peasant elf] steeled his courage and with the sun god Corellion at his side attacked the hordes of drows. He emanated with such bright power that as each drow fell the evil king took notice and rushed the peasant elf. They battled furiously as sparks flew from each blow. Finally the king fell and the drows retreated in fear.
Leaderless the sun elves turned to the peasant who had lead them to victory from the brink of defeat, and elevated his status to King Urben of Myth Drannor. Fearing another attack was imminent, King Me’a Urben ordered a border be built and concealed the once great city from the world. Years passed and the city of Myth Drannor passed into legend becoming part of the Forgotten Realms. The sun elves lived in peace and the King had a son named Ridor Urben.
As the young elf Prince Ridor Urben was trained in the art of war . Furiously training each day with the elven bows and with elvish steel. With the help of Corellon the prince was endowed with the powers of light and holy fire to combat the forces of darkness. Under the guidance of the Paladins of Light Ridor learned to harness his powers and became a part of the order. Using barriers of light to protect, powers to heal the injured, and the power of fire to extinguish the darkness.
When the prince became of age the king ordered his son to undergo the trials of light that he may be worthy to become Keeper of the Fire crystal and Guardian of the Forgotten Realms. That meant leaving the home he loved and cherished and must return victorious with proof of each trial´s completion. Unbeknownst to Ridor the drows have been laying in wait for the young prince to leave his home in order to reveal the hidden location of the forgotten city. Drows creating alliances with all manners of dark creatures waiting for the chance to claim the Fire Crystal once again…

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