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I’ve been DM’ing DND for more than 10 years now and I love to DM. Most people I know DM out of necessity and really just love to play more than anything. I’m quite the opposite :) I figure I’ll put some facts about my style here. This plus basic gaming rules for each campaign should give a decent idea of how I like to run my games.

- I have two types of games. Ones that have a definitive ending and ones that have a ‘until we want to stop’ ending. The ones with endings are complete stories in unique worlds. I have a flair for the epic, so in either game you will end up changing the world. However, the games with endings are usually more epic with the world never being the same. This means those are run in completely homebrew worlds that I don’t intend to use again.

- I expect people to commit. These games (especially those with endings) need a consistent group that can continue to play for about 2 years. More open games will run for as long as people want to keep it going. I don’t think I’ve even gotten farther than level 20, but I had plans all the way up to 30. The groups just seemed to fizzle around 20.

- Love thy character. If you don’t, you’re not going to love playing them for two years. If you picked something and are unhappy with it; we can just swap some stuff around. You and the group need to be happy, or else it sucks for everyone.

- My job. My job is to make sure the game is fun and fair. It may not seem like fair would be fun, but trust me, it promotes continuity. Power level is always relative and has to be tweaked on a constant basis. Above all, I will try to keep the power level between each person to be approximately the same. Doing otherwise destroys games, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. If it seems like I’m strict about character creation and magic items, it’s simply because allowing silly non-thematic min-maxing characters doesn’t promote group cohesion. That doesn’t mean I don’t except you to make a powerful character. In fact, I DO expect you to make a powerful character. I just won’t let you make one that doesn’t make a damn bit of sense just for the sake of a little bit of power increase.

- I expect people to get along. If you want to be a dickhead, go somewhere else. If I don’t think you’re working out with the group, I will kick you out for the sake of everyone else’s fun. I’ve had one idiot damn near ruin a game before, and I’m pissed at myself for not bouncing him earlier.

- Rules. Each game has a specific set of rules that apply only to it (only exception would be the ’don’t go there’ rule). So, some things will be allowed in one and forbidden in others. Alignment is a good example of this rule. Every game has an alignment restriction; usually excluding either good or evil based on the plotline.

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