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Thirty-Something manager, whose torrid affair with his dice has led to nearly thirty years of misspent disposable income supporting them.

I adore -A-D&D in its earliest forms (recent plastic surgery still hasn’t done much to reduce her lines). Other games that I have flirted with and still have fond memories of, include:

Traveller (My first mistress)
BattleTech (Such history, vision and longevity)
Harnmaster (For hardcore RPers only!)
Star Wars RPG (The ultimate and original space opera)
Heavy Gear (Jovian Chronicles too, though any Dream Pod 9 product is shiny, really)
Twilight 2000 (High school sweetheart)
Star Fleet Battles (Another high school sweetheart, but the one campaign I was involved in at university was immaculately conceived)
Boothill (Still another high school sweetheart : Fantastic memories of blowing things up with too much dynamite, and stealing horses)
Villains & Vigilantes (The GM was a fantastic storyteller, and I still rank this as my favorite “super-hero” campaign, with numerous fond memories)

Basically if I can strap a pair of dice to it and call it an RPG, I’m in. I love tactical and strategic stuff as well. My love of gaming extends to my compy, and I’m presently involved in a long-term, lasting relationship with EVE-Online, though I’m having a torrid affair with Fallout, Skyrim and Starbound at the moment. Just don’t tell EVE… it’s not that she doesn’t know, it’s just tacky to openly mention it to her. We have an understanding.

I’m also a closet historian and my collection of books is threatening to get their own apartment.

Please drop me a line if you have questions, ideas, or just some good pointers and experiences to share. I consume anything and everything in my desperate attempts to keep my gamer groups involved, surprised and entertained.


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