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Ronny Rose has been playing role playing games since he could read, interestingly enough, bothered learning how to read just to play them. What started out as just playing Earthbound and Final fantasy 6 (although known to him as Final Fantasy 3) for the super Nintendo, has become somewhat of a life style.

By Middle school Ronny had started in on his first table top games. Playing D&D 3.0 and 2nd ed, with his childhood friends Dylan, Rhyan, Sean, Joe, and Brandon. All through middle school and high school he played in many different games of D&D and watched as 3.0 became 3.5.

After high school, Ronny was turned onto Larping by Rhyan. His first Larp was Drakon. While enjoying great success in Drakon, Ronny continued to play table top games with his friends from high, Heather and Elise joined what would soon become known simply as the ‘Brandon main’.

Turning these years after high school, Ronny played in several other table top games run by several other GMs. Pat’s D20 modern games, Dylan and Dave’s L5R 3rd ed games to name a few. Soon He also tried different Larps and found this current favorite game: White wolf’s mind’s eye threathe new world of darkness Vampire. Having played in a game run by Pat and currently in a game being run by Angie, Pockets, Brandon, Dylan and Dave, These game are easily his favorite.

Forum role play has always been a big deal for Ronny. Through out high school and to the current Ronny can boast having been in 9 different forum role playing games, and running one himself. He’s been the top poster by count in most of them and currently is the wielder of the magical Drakon text blade. He looks forward the new grafted game, having taken part in the first run of the story and is was one of the founders of this version as well.

Ronny currently plays an out of work Janitor in Occam’s razor, the steam punk version of Whisker in Steam and Cinders mark 2, a knife tossing obsidian champion, The only sane Malkavian in Boston and the poorest Iron magistrate in L5R and at some point, he’ll get to play a roman in shadows of Amun, all while running the region’s premier NPC mercenary company.

Table top games I have played:
D&D (3.0, 3.5, Pathfinder, Modern, 4th ed)
L5R (3rd and 4th ed)
Unhallowed Metropolis
World of Darkness (New world)

Larps I have played:
Steam and Cinders (1&2)
Vampire (New world of Darkness)
Vampire (Old world of Darkness)
Occam’s razor
Terres Rising

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