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Tall, but not too tall. Dark, but greying. Strong of mind and arm, although I prefer to duel with my wits. Frontman, Madman, Ersatz Philosopher, Sinner, Scholar, Soldier, Saint, Priest, Poet, Killer, Cad. Lover AND fighter.

I used to front a rock band, but now I just tell people stories to entertain them. I write exactly the way I think, which is a lot more eloquently than I speak. And when I speak, I can move a room. For all of this self-aggrandizement, I know that in the scheme of things, most of you would pass me in the street. I don’t have a big ego about who I am, or what I can do; the braggart seldom prospers, after all. Read, and decide if I’m a blowhard asshole for yourself. It’s why God gave you an opinion, after all

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