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Aside from being a tabletop gamer, I am a Christian and, yes, a Brony. (Twilight Sparkle is Best Pony.) I spend most of my days working as a porter at a hotel. I am engaged, and my fiancee is a gamer too, so life is good. I have played in an assortment of different gaming systems, including quite a few d20 clones (which I prefer to avoid, if I can). Favorite systems include Savage Worlds (as you might guess), GURPS (more to design things with and look at than to actually run), Shadowrun (I have played and run the last two editions), and perhaps the most near and dear to my heart, Feng Shui. If I have to play a d20 clone, I prefer D&D Fourth Edition (the fact that so many people DON’T like it gives me an additional, perverse dimension of enjoyment: I like Coke Zero for much the same reason).

I have been gaming since high school (so, about 15 years, I guess). My first game was the old West End Star Wars game, and my first character was a bounty hunter. I did not grasp the idea that while I was not a combatant, my character was, so when I fight broke out, I had him do what I would do: hide under a table. He became known as Zorak, the cowardly bounty hunter.

My proudest gaming achievement is having written a complete set of Star Trek rules for GURPS (though they’re not finalized).

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