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At an early age (12?) I started playing RPGs. If I recall, Battletech was my first experience. I vaguely remember dismembering a mech while blowing my heatsinks and thinking it was the coolest thing in the world. Moving on through the list, I had chances to play Marvel Super Heroes, Top Secret, Palladium, Shadowrun, TMNT, Robotech and of course, Dungeons & Dragons.
My first introduction into Dungeons and Dragons was a Wizard that didn’t make it half way through level two, due to a DM who believed it was his mission to kill all PC’s. I loved the fantasy setting, being a long time fan of Dragonlance and moved into the Palladium roll playing system (where I was comfortable because Robotech was build in that system). Somewhere in there I took a break and moved over to Shadowrun for a while, but the setting wasn’t as exciting for me. Moving back into Palladium, I took up DMing for a summer during High School. I would say I was an average DM at best. Pulling out all the stops with combat, and some weak plots with piss poor character development. My worlds were all based off of what I pulled out of pre-made adventures, but my players kept coming back and by the end of the summer I was still pale from never leaving my DM table, always trying to make better maps, adventures and off the hook combat.
After High School, I pretty much left the RPG world for different adventures. Eighteen years later, I reconnected with some old friends and found they were playing Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 and joined into an adventure. As with many things, times changed and that too came to an end. Happy to say though, it was just the end of a chapter and not the whole story, as we came back together with an even bigger group and are back at it again with the 4E set!
I’ve really enjoyed the D&D 4E rule set and have dived in headfirst! Along with playing every other weekend as a PC, I’m running a side campaign published in Dragon Magazine called “Scales of War” with my kids on the off weekends (time permitting). And although I spend more time outside during the summer than in, with my spare time I’ve been building a world inside the basic Dungeons & Dragons realm, along with adventures I hope to string into a campaign.

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