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Just a 6th Form student looking to play D&D again. I’m interested in other settings, though I have only really played 3rd Edition, 3.5, and 4e Dugeons and Dragons. Also, recently joined a Fallout campaign, and am enjoying it thouroughly.

First started playing when I got the Players’ Handbook, Dungeon Masters’ Guide and Monster Manual for my 5th Birthday.

I’m often more interested in designing the stats for my character than in the backstory, though any character I feel I have put effort into designing will earn itself an intricate backstory as well. However, many of these characters never make the game table, as they usually require specific party members to be effective.

My favorite D&D campaign setting is Ebberon, though Dark Sun looks to be very interesting, and I am hoping to join a new Dark Sun game soon.

Other Hobbies: Video Games (specifically Dota2), and Science Fiction/Fantasy books.

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