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Background: Taelden is an ambitious young eladrin female, who has spent her youth conquering the wealth of texts composed by her people. She is fascinated by those who wield power and knowledge, rather than brawn and good character. Over the past few years she idolized Abunnair, shadowing his movements and doing her utmost to win his favour (much to the amusement of Lilalhalt and other grovefolk), hoping he would acknowledge her brilliance and accept her as his protege. However, Abunnair saw only a chance at gaining the affection and companionship of a young pretty eladrin, and Taelden fled the grove in disgust.

Disenchanted with her previous mentors, Taelden joined the local militia as a means of putting her wizardly training to good use and test her skills. Well, this is the story she tells everyone, and I quote “you can’t honestly expect to achieve anything without me and my wand”; but behind the strong and haughty fascade there are a few issues.

Personality: -Emotionally distant, haughty and superior +Intelligent and logical -Fussy and indignant +Strong self belief and confidence

Mannerisms and Appearance: She is mystified to find that not everyone subscribes to the eladrin ideals. She never one to get emotionally close to others; this distance keeps her safe and strong; and (somewhat conveniently) nobody else seems to mind one bit.

Taelden is pretty, but not in a classical sense… “of course my beauty is too complex for a common race to appreciate!”. She is much prettier when she holds her tongue.

Gifted with a lithe and delicate physique, her rarely-used muscles have never had to work very hard to get her where she needs to go.

She dresses in flowing robes and elaborately draped and adorned outfits, when she gets a chance. Nobody knows how she maintains such grooming standards, but everyone has their own theory.

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