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The Dritchel Family is a noble bloodline, it is a bloodline of great power and higher ranking members of the Dritchel family (Often parents and Grandparents) are even able to cross space and time to allow the Dritchel line to flourish across all existence and beyond. As the Dritchel travel across time and space, they have their own government and laws known as ‘Vows’.
Vow 1. Never betray the Dritchel.
Vow 2. Never Question the Dritchel.
Vow 3. Never commit inbreeding, this dishonors the Dritchel.
Vow 4. All Dritchel MUST procreate.
Vow 5. You must somehow contribute to the continuation of the Dritchel.
Any breaking of the Vows means exile or death, unless the family court finds the culprit not guilty or while they are exiled they prove themselves to be of value.

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