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My RPG Bibliography:

D&D: Basic (Red Box), 1E (& Oriental Adventures), 2E, 3E, 3.5E, & Pathfinder. Palladium: Fantasy 1E, Robotech (Macros, Southern Cross, Invid Invasion, Sentinels), T.M.NT, Beyond the Supernatural, Ninjas & Superspies (& Mystic China), Heroes Unlimited, Rifts (WTF), & Recon. WEG: Star Wars 1E & 2E, Paranoia 1E, & Torg (WTF). FASA: Shadowrun (1E, 2E, & 3E) & Earth Dawn 1E. Games Workshop: Warhammer Fantasy RPG. AEG: Legend of the Five Rings (1E & 2E); also D&D 3E Oriental Adventures-WTF). GDW: Twilight 2000 (Merc 2000) & Dark Conspiracy. White Wolf: Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse & Mage the Awakening. R. Talsorian Games: Cyberpunk (2013 & 2020). Other: DC Heroes, Marvel Superheroes, Macho Women with Guns, Gama World, GURPS, Boot Hill, Star Wars d20 (just not the same), Godlike, & Aliens. Relevant non-RPG (pseudo-RPG) games: Car Wars, Battletech, Shadowrun TCG, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer 40K (1E & 2E), Talisman, Shogun/Samurai Sword, Dungeon, Hirelings the Ascent, Ace of Aces (& Jet Eagle), Space Hulk (VG), Starcraft (VG), Diablo (VG), Shadowrun (Saga Genesis VG), Squad Leader, & Close Combat (VG).

My Brief RPG History:
I started with red box D&D in 3rd grade and hated it. Then I accidently became the GM for Robotech in 6th or 7th grade. From there was Star Wars WEG version, 2nd ed. AD&D, and the list gets too big (see above). I like rules and detail, I like fun, I have a boring or plain interpretation of most worlds, I DM/GM, but I am disorganized and not great (or theatrical) at it, but we usually have fun. I love playing games in general, especially if it is medieval (Europe), fantasy, East Asian, military, scifi, or cyberpunk themed.

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