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While I don’t believe one game of D&D at the age of seven counts as a starting point for the number of years I’ve been a gamer, it was certainly my induction into my love for gaming. I tip my hat to you, Uncle Shelby, for letting your annoying niece play.

I began avidly playing during my high school days when my martial arts instructor brought over his father’s old AD&D books back in 1997 (oh yes, I remember THAC0). Since then, I have mettled in other genres and systems- 3.5 D&D, 4.0 D&D, Exaulted, L5R, Whitewolf, Star Wars (d6 and d20), Fate, Mutants and Masterminds, and Champions. However, my all time favorite is the Dresden version of the Fate system. I would classify myself as a Role playing and not a rules lawyer gamer mostly because I get caught up in the setting and character, the rules do not matter so long as we are all having fun.
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