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I am a 27 year old male (if you’re doing the math, stop) currently living in Iowa (Central Time Zone.) I served in the US Military for four years, including a year overseas. I began actively role-playing when I was about 17, giving me about fifteen years of continuous experience, and I started playing MMOs (Asheron’s Call) at about 16. I have some education and experience with coding and wiki maintenance, extensive experience with story development and intensive RP, and I have moderate experience DMing and quite a bit more serving as a mid-level administrator for RP-intensive online environments.

Experience (Dates are Approximate):

1990-2001: My first exposure to fantasy and RPGs came from a quick one-off of Robotech. During much of the following time, I was one of those lonely fellows who read all the RPG books but could never find a group willing to play. I read extensively; I lived in a small town… but, I read nearly every fantasy and sci-fi book in booth the school and public libraries I think. Once I joined the military in ’99, I found a group of D&D players pretty quickly and really started getting down to business.

1997-2002: I started my MMO addiction with Asheron’s Call. The magic system fascinated my and I was one of the few who spent days upon days actually experimenting with different components to figure out each and every spell… One thing about AC I was never good at was exploring to find the new quests each month – but, I always wanted to try that out… I just never had the time at that age. At about the end of ’99 I joined the Knights who say Ni monarchy… My original patron stopped playing shortly after I swore to him, but (perhaps because of my youthful antics) one of the co-founders (Awi’tch) allowed me to reswear to her… I’ve been a loyal member ever since and Awi’tch is certainly my most favorite online personality in the last decade.

1999-2006: I played a MUD called Eternal Struggle. Eternal Struggle was (until it was taken offline) what is now called an RPI (RP Intensive) MUD. For those of you unfamiliar with MUDs, they are text-based, online environments similar to MMOs in everything but the graphics. I served as the admin, Damodred, for about three of the middle years – both as general administration (rules enforcement, policy, etc.), and as a roleplay administrator (creating plots, running NPC interaction, etc.)

1997-2013 Inclusive: I’ve played Everquest, Ultima Online, Horizons, Shadowbane, Anarchy Online, City of Heroes, Rift, Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars New Republic, and World of Warcraft. I’ve played Diablo, Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star, Bard’s Tale, Earthfall, Elder Scrolls, King’s/Space Quest, and Grandia. I’ve played D&D, Pathfinder, White Wolf, Wild West, GURPS, HERO System, Mutants and Masterminds, and countless indie titles. I won’t bore you with meaningless details that are mostly a repeat of what I’ve already said, though. I only list these to show that I have a breadth of experience.

As a quick note, I also played on the Neverwinter Nights RP Server – Glorwing for a year or so (from when I discovered it until Neverwinter Nights 2 came out and my computer didn’t support it.) I was, again, the Administrator Damodred and helped with RP plots and Wiki maintenance.

Game Requirements:

  • US: I live in the US, Central Time Zone… I hate being in a group where everyone else wakes up when I log in… cuz after waking up they usually go to work.
  • Website and Forum: You don’t need to use Obsidian Portal’s forums, but out of game communication needs to be organized. Your Wiki should be clean, well-structured, informative, etc.
  • Organization: I will not join some fly by night operation with no structure! Experience is something we gain, and I greatly prefer it, but we all have to start somewhere… just be organized while you learn. You don’t need to have military structure, but at least be aware and make your clan aware of who is in the same time zone.
  • Mature: I don’t mean graphic language is okay, I mean graphic language is used responsibly. E.g. the opposite of what I want would be immature. And, again, I don’t expect a group of fifty year RPG veterans… but, be prepared to be wrong and to learn from the experience.
  • Literate: We have to expect a certain amount of 1337 in any online environment, but my ideal group is one where that is less common. Capitalization, punctuation, and at least the semblance of grammar are not that difficult to emulate.
  • Fit the Lore: I prefer the fantasy genre. If your world is home-brew, it should be well developed and internally consistent. If you are using another world, you should follow the lore or your changes should be well developed and internally consistent. I’m a clever fellow; when being clever doesn’t work because the story is being told poorly I become frustrated.
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