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My first introduction to roleplaying games was when I stumbled across some strange books called Dragon Warriors. I had read Fighting Fantasy books for a few years and assumed these were the same. However, the books had a lot more rules in them and it required other players.

I was then bought some of the old TSR collector cards by my parents (which they regret to this day) and I was fascinated by the stats and info on the back. Walking past a game store I spotted the large D&D Black Basic Box and recognised that it matched my cards. That was it, I was hooked.

I have been a player and DM for about 19 years now which has ranged rom playing in my school games club to having my own gaming shed now.

I have been a DM for most of that time and cannot even imagine the money and time spent on my hobby. I have bought and played all the editions of D&D and many more systems as well. A good majority of my friends I have met through the hobby and even more amazingly, my wife.

I run two games nowdays and play in 1. However, if anyone in Adelaide is running or wants to run a Pathfinder or Exalted game and needs more players, feel free to drop me a line.

Games Played:

  • D&D – All Editions & Most Campaign Worlds (including Hollow World)
  • White Wolf
    – Vampire
    – Vampire Dark Ages
    – Kindred of the East
    – Werewolf
    – Mage
    – Wraith
    – Mummy: The Resurrection
    – Hunted
    – Exalted: 1st & 2nd
  • Star Wars (d20)
  • Shadowrun – All Editions
  • Ars Magicka (4th)
  • 7th Sea (AEG)
  • 3_Inches
  • Mathius_son_of_Golthar
  • Kronosah
  • Panda76
  • Miro
  • My_Shinies
  • Bennus
  • BaneStar
  • Pranachan
  • Blacksox
  • Traiel
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