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I’ve been interested with fantasy/sci-fi worlds, stories, lore and art for most of my life but was only introduced to tabletop gaming a couple of years ago. And while I love playing(and on occasion GMing) I’ve always found it difficult to find a good group of individuals to join with. I had a small group of friends who would get together fairly regularly where I used to live, but now that I’ve had to move I’m having trouble finding a new group. I’ve tried different means of locating a group and thought I’d add this site to my attempts. If nothing else, it’s a means of venting out some of my creative thoughts and ideas. With work, school, wife and kids my time is a little limited but I will attempt to put together a campaign fairly quickly. And if you’re reading this, happen to live in the same area and know of a good ongoing game with openings, let me know.

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