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Blödhgarm comes from lands far east on the opposite coast that the explores launched from in the search of the new world. As a young boy his town was attacked by a well organized group of bandits that call themselves the sea ravens. As Blödhgarm and his parents attempted to flee he lost his mother. Before long his father’s wits left him unable to deal with his lose and he took his own life. Blödhgarm buried his father and with no other option he left trying to run away from the life he once had that was stolen away from him. After months of being lost in the woods half alive an elf finds him dirty and beaten digging in the ground for food. The elf takes him in and after hearing his story trains him in the way of the dancing blade using circular, flourishing, movements with a fencing blade. Time passes and the teacher gives his student the surname Blödhgarm, the name he goes by today, relieving him of his past life to start anew. Towards the latter part of Blödhgarm’s training he finds his teacher meditating in the same spot, like he does everyday, in front of a tree. The tree is almost humming and Blödhgarm’s teacher looks up to him saying that his time has come to an end and that he must finish his training on his own. The teacher looks back at the tree and speaks to it in his native tongue almost as if he were singing, the roots come up wrapping themselves around the teacher and withdraw back towards the earth taking Blödhgarm’s teacher with them. Blödhgarm leaves to finish his training and in hopes of coming across the sea ravens once again.

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