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I’ve been playing D&D since 1981 w/ the Tom Moldvay Red Box set, and a good 90% of that time has been spent as the DM.

The Fellowship of Flint and Steel gaming group formed sometime late 80’s/early 90’s with Myself and Darren Campbell as the GM’s. The original players were Travis Bigrigg, Steve Lewis, Laura Campbell, and Mark Mohr. Mark is no longer with us having passed away, but he still contributes to the game in the form of players now turned NPCs, or weird Mark-ish quirks that turn up from time to time. New players have joined the Fellowship over the years and I hope more will join in the future.

I’ve played or GM’d many games over the years. I enjoy rpgs, board/card games, and miniature games.

My games are heavily influenced by the writings of Robert E. Howard, and HP Lovecraft. I like my fantasy dark and gritty, ie. Conan, Black Company, Thieves World. I love the early pulp stuff and those two are my favorite authors. Movies like Indiana Jones, Rocketeer, Sky Captain also figure into the tone of a lot of my games again b/c I really enjoy the pulp genre. Other themes I like are the more modern military/spy genre stuff, and when it comes to sci-fi I like stuff like Blade Runner, Firefly, Stardrive, that type of thing.

My top 5 favorite RPGs are D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Spycraft 2.0, Shadowrun, Conan in no particular order. If I had to choose one to play and no other it would be Spycraft. I personally find it to be the best system I’ve encountered over the years, and with the various toolkits that are coming out for it in the near future. Spycraft’s game engine will become the engine that runs all my various games.

My top 5 collectible card games are Stargate, Spycraft, Call of Cthulhu. I guess there are only 3 that I really play so I’ll withhold two slots for future games.

My top 5 board games are Arkham Horror, Last Night on Earth, Tannhauser, Tide of Iron, Kill Dr. Lucky.

My top 5 non-collectible card games are Killer Bunnies, Munchkin, Nodwick, Lunch Money, D&D Inn Fighting.

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