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Born in the early 70’s, I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. I cut my baby teeth on the original D&D set (the little brown 3 books set NOT the redbox thank you very much) and have played everything I could get my hands on from that day forth. Traveler, Star Frontiers, Top Secret, Marvel Superheroes, Gamma World, Gang busters, Boot hill – TSR was the big producer back then and I had them all. Lately, story and indie games have become my passion. I’ve been running a FATE/FUDGE variant and recording our sessions as a podcast for going on two years now. I prefer modern to near future games with a healthy amount of deduction and mystery, but I do play the odd fantasy game now and then. As I grow older, finding time and groups to game with has become a problem, but with Skype and a few virtual table tops, not an unsurmountable one. I am happily married to a non-gamer who does enjoy listening to games and story and I hope to convert her with the new-fangled pure story driven games that are abounding these days. I make a living as a medical technologists and do the odd scribblings on the side for (rarely) pay. I could hope for no better hobby than the role playing games that have been my constant friends through the years!