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I am a long-time player of D&D going back to the early 80s and the original “AD&D” versions. I took a little break to get married, have kids and build a career, but I’m back at it again with a vengeance.

I DM and play in about equal measure. I can’t say that I prefer one over the other, both are loads of fun, but being the DM is a LOT more work. But it’s rewarding work because it provides an opportunity for shared entertainment and some great memories.

I am currently playing in two campaigns and running one (“Caves of Cliffport” which is blogged here). I have several great characters, but nothing higher than 14th level. All of my characters have been played from level zero to their current level, although I have no problem with rolling up a higher level character, the situation is such that I’ve never really been in a situation where I needed to, and I’m not in one now.

I enjoy playing just about any of the basic classes and races, and also enjoy making up races of my own.

To demonstrate how crazy I am about this game, I have built a digital gaming table to allow my campaign sessions to utilize digital battle maps, both to speed up the game play and to improve the detail and aesthetic appeal of the maps that we use. The table is basically a normal table with an 18″×24″ hole cut out where I have placed an acrylic screen which displays an image projected under the table off of a 45 degree mirror. One of these days I’ll have a built-in LCD, but current prices on 30" or larger LCD screens are simply out of reach. (The projector I am using was an eBay special I paid $120 for, but it works fine).

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