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I work in the digital entertainment industry since 2010, specifically with Game Design and Gamification processes. Currently working as a Game Designer at Big Hut game studio, creating game concepts, gaming experiences, documentation and level design for for casual games (Mobile and Desktop). I’ve been also able to work with original famous IP’s, like Sea World, Disney, My Little Pony, Monica’s Gang, Fiat and many other, creating successful games, like Disney Appisodes and Seaworld: Turtle Trek.

Working with Jynx Playware, my previous job, I was able to create and develop games as a service, focusing in educational and advertising purposes. At Big Hut/Manifesto, I deeply studied the mobile market, and worked on games for big publishers like Big Fish, Mobage and DeNA. During my graduation, I worked on GDR Lab (Gadget Design Research Lab), researching the use of gadgets for education and as assistive technology.

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