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Aistara is a tall and lithe woman of immense but not bulky strength. She is graceful, and her long, strong legs increase her speed above those of a standard human.

She has skin the color of chocolate, and eyes the color of the pale sky.

Though not particularly book smart, she is quiet, wise, and practical, and is devoted to helping those in need, and in doing her part to fight the spread of evil and those who are followers of it.

Below is a quick summary of some of her core features, and the reasons for them, written from her perspective.

Personality trait: Given my background as an orphan after my parents were killed by workers of evil, I feel tremendous empathy for all who suffer.

Ideal: I always try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost. I may think through the best way to help them with my experience and skills—so I can be cautious—but I will do my best to help them.

Bond: I owe my life to the priest who took me in when my parents died/were killed by evil-doers. I lived in the wild after my parents were killed, but found my way to a monastery. There, I was surrounded by boys and men, but the priest nurtured my strength and taught me to be a martial warrior with my strength and size. When evil mages and their followers attacked and almost destroyed that monastery, it closed and the monks left to find another secular home. At that time, the priest suggested I go find my way, fighting evil, doing good, and defending those who cannot fight.

Flaw: I am inflexible in my thinking. Everything to me is black or white, evil or good, and there is very little room for the spectrum in between.

Her story:

20 years ago, Aistara was living on her own in the wild. She had been orphaned when she was eight years old, after her parents were murdered by followers of the evil Netheril. Her parents had attempted to resist the spread of the Netherese evil, but they were powerless against this group. After hiding for many days, she had been following the road (while hiding in the tall prairie grasses) for days and weeks in order to find a new home. While searching for food one morning, Aistara saw a large building in the distance. She approached cautiously, but was too hungry to notice when she stepped into a trap that drew her ankle into a noose and lifted her into the air. She attempted to untie the knots, and as a tall and strong child, she made some headway, but before she had loosened herself, she was found by the trapper. Luckily, he was a lawful and good man, a monk of a temple of Torm. He saw her fear, and tried to calm her. She trusted him, and he carried her home to shelter at the monastery.

Aistara found mostly peace and solace there, but the priest knew that a young girl could still be vulnerable to the acts and actions of those whose hearts and minds were not true to the lawful and good nature of Torm. Because of this, he started almost immediately to train her in the arts of martial warfare. As a girl child, she was not allowed to use weapons, so he taught her how to strengthen, move, and fight with her body. He discovered a powerful warrior in Aistara, and nurtured her into a weapon in fighting the good fight.

This monastery had been ignored by the Netherese for many years, and continued to be for seven more. Suddenly, though, signs and messages that the Netherese were returning and would not overlook the monastery were found and heard. After a fierce battle with many losses, almost exactly ten years after she entered the solitude and care there, the priest and monks decided they needed to find a safer place to live and closed the monastery. Soon after the monks joined a monastery in the city, with a less-than-ethical priest leader, Aistara’s former priest teacher, mentor, and friend encouraged her to seek his friends outside it, many of whom were Harpers. There she found friends who learned to trust her strength, acute awareness, high speed, and fighting prowess. They also found her devotion to the good fight, and to fighting for those who couldn’t fight for themselves to be helpful in the Harper anti-tyrranical work.

While fighting for and learning from the Harpers, her priest mentor again called on her to aid in work as a guardian under Helm. He had learned that the Everwatch Knights of Helm were being dominated by evil-doers, and was asked by a secret friend among Helm’s priesthood to call on his good fighters to help maintain balance in the group. Along with some other Tormite warriors, she traveled east and faught as an ally of the Everwatch Knights to guard many temples of good deities. After serving in this role for three years, she made her way back to the west when called upon to aid one of her Harper friends. It is through travels with her closest Harper friend, Leosin that she met this party of adventurers she now travels with, in their battles against the rising power of the followers of Tiamat.

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