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My characters:
DreiksFree spirited, red, winged dragonborn rogue, going on adventures with his firbolg friend;
Yuri LowenthalYoung, inexperienced wizard with troubled past and hormonal outbursts;
Andersons SilvaBattle cleric turned magic shop owner on a quest to find items for his business;
Test3RFaulty robot with multiple personalities;
NissaTiny sprite girl, who just wants to survive and get out;
Flints SparksSelf-centered manipulator, master of blades with dark secrets;
Brons KokakaplisDwarf blacksmith who felt the calling of Moradin;
Heij HouvNo nonsense monk, determined to be the strongest fighter;
AishaCrazy fallen witch lady traveling the world and speaking with spirits;
KailsMortal intrument of the sun god;

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