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I started gaming back in my elementary days (Grade 4 or 5; circa 1987 or so) with TSR's Marvel Superheroes game (the one with the FASERIP resolution system). From there, we soon had access and moved on to other roleplaying games, including: High Fantasy (a pretty obscure D&D-esque RPG with a table-based percentile system), Star Frontiers (our classic sci-fi go-to, even now), and AD&D 1st Ed.

I really fell in love with Mystra/The Known World when we got our hands on the BD&D colored boxed sets (Basic thru Immortal) which remains one of the favorite campaign settings to this day. The D&D Rules Cyclopedia is one of the top choices to bring with me, should I be forced to take only one RPG book when stranded on a deserted isle.

The years that followed had me collecting and running various RPGs, both to satisfy my collector tendency as well as my "gaming ADHD."

D&D 3.x managed to revive my waning interest in the "grand-daddy of all RPGs," until it became a bloated monstrosity with thousands of feats and prestige classes. It was at this crucial point that I discovered Savage Worlds. It was a true eureka moment. I run my games exclusively in this system now, no matter what genre. I've never looked back. And I've never regretted that decision.

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