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Hi! Been a gamer since 1975/6, starting with D&D 1st edition (yes those 3 buff books in the white box) and commission painted my first miniature at the same time for someone in the game. Started GMing within a few weeks and went on from there. Have almost always been the GM.

Played a single AD&D campaign, with some characters spanning the entire game – and some of their children too – for 7 years. It was a generic fantasy home brew, with numerous heroic story arcs as well as a mess of hack and slash.

After this the group took a move into SPI’s DragonQuest for another few years, before real life, jobs wives and kids, began to break us all up.

Throw into this a liberal sprinkling of ancients’ wargaming (WRG rulesets), and WWII and Modern micro-armour tabletop fun, more roleplaying with Paranoia, Tunnels & Trolls, Runequest, Elric, Traveller and Champions; plus a wide range of hex and counter wargaming and similar, and you have an eclectic mix.

There followed a desert period of a few years before running a campaign of the excellent Torg system for a couple of years.

At the same time I did a great deal of figure modelling and some personal sculpting. Lots of painting for Games Workshop in its pre-abomination days (yep – while Steve jackson and Ian Livingstone founded and ran the company), when Ral Prtha miniatures were at their height and Citadel was merely a pretender to the throne. Commission paint jobs and similar.

Now, after job (IT) and family responsibilities for many years, I am getting back into gaming at all levels. I’ve started my own small game products’ company (PPStudio Limited), producing graphics and 15mm sculpt work in conjunction with Ancient & Modern Army Supplies (a UK based figure and painting services supplier), as well as commission modelling and painting and shortly my own range of miniatures.

I’ve started a small wargaming group (Shirenewton Battlegame Group) locally. We play Traveller, DragonQuest, potentially Torg, and Paranoia on the RPG side. There is a strong tabletop focus with Uncharted Seas, Field of Glory, Flames of War, Gutshot, Blood Bowl, Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity and Ambush Alley, as well as modern board, and traditional hex and counter, games.

Phew! This is getting long and boring so I’ll quit now. If you’ve stayed to the end… I’m frankly amazed and congratulate you on your determination. Anyway, shutting up now and thanks for “listening”


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