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I am one of a very limited number of female roleplayers in my area. I almost always play girls, but I have played a guy before [abysmally, I might add].

I've played:

  • D&D [versions 3, 3.5 and hoepfully 4]
  • World of Darkness
  • Fung Shui
  • Starwars WEG d6
  • Aern: the awakening [based on d6]
  • Gridlinked [based on d6]
  • Starwars d20
  • The Heartland Saga [a homebrew]

I would very much like to play:

  • Changling
  • Marvel Superheros
  • Big Eyes, Small Mouth 
  • Gurps Discworld
  • Gurps

Gernerall I'd say I come under the heading of 'Geek'. As well as roleplay, I enjoy pissing about on the interweb and being part of the Linux users community. I also like motorbikes, classic cars, real ales and spirits, and watching, reading and writing all manner of Sci-fi and fantasy.

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