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My cousin Eric introduced me to D&D when I was seven or eight. This was shortly after the second covers of the three AD&D core books came out. My mother enrolled me in a class at a summer program run through UofL that taught kids how to play. My first attribute score that I rolled was an 18 in Strength, and thus was born Kalador, the Half-Elf Ranger.

I half-played(and half made stuff up) D&D for years after that, but drifted away from that and into the masterpiece that was the Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game. In high school I got really into Battletech, and we used a Gurps magazine to convert the mechanics over to Gurps so that we could have characters and some continuity between battles. I played a little Werewolf during the summer while I was in college, but that was about it until my last year, in which I did a little L5R.

After college I moved to Paducah, KY, which sucked beyond the telling of it. I met some gamers, and we did some L5R and some Aberrant before the third edition of D&D came out. I really liked the third edition mechanics, and I ended up running a Forgotten Realms game that met once or twice a week for two years. When I moved back to Louisville in 2003 I corralled some folks again for a 3.5 game, again in the Realms, which ran for more than two years.

I had enjoyed Monte Cook’s Books of Eldritch Might, and so I jumped for Arcana Unearthed, but I only ever got to play it at GenCon (I started going to Gencon in 2004). I finally decided that I would start running my own Arcana Evolved game in 2006, but that game fell apart due to the entropy of people’s schedules.

In the gazeteer in the back of Arcana Evolved it spares three paragraphs for the city states in the southeast of the continent. I have a sentence or two for each city state, so I want to see what I can do with that, and that’s the next game I’m going to run.

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