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In my mid thirties now, I got my first D&D box set when I was 12 and my grandmother let me pick out my birthday present. It was the Blue Box with Keep on the Borderlands. Good times.

So, that gives me over 15 years D&D experience with the lion’s share of that being DMing. I have played a handful of characters here and there, but except for a brief period of a couple years I have pretty much been ‘the DM’.

I prefer very deep and thoughtful games over hack-n-slash. There have been a couple campaigns where it was just myself and a single player and we would go an entire 4-5 hour gaming session with throwing one or two dice the entire time.

Just recently got the 3.5 rule set and have been getting my brain around that. Kinda like a jazz musician, I knew the 2.0 rule set like the back of my hand and had made it my own. I definately see the benefits and improvements in the new system (and have played other d20 games) but it is a little unnerving going from knowing what page obscure rules on, to being scetchy on how combat works.

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