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I’ve been roleplaying for about half my life at this point (roughly 12 years) and I’ve been GMing for the majority of that. Currently GMing my Exalted campaign, as well as playing in a D&D 3.5 game set in the World’s Largest Dungeon (or somesuch). I prefer my roleplay to tactics and strategy, but I do enjoy both. I’m learning to like combat and developing my skills as a GM in that arena. Exalted 2e is by far my favorite setting, but I appreciate the simplicity of the Savage Worlds engine and am currently working on porting Exalted over into it: a massive undertaking to be sure. I’m also trying to adapt Exalted to a modern setting using, primarily, tools and examples provided by the old World of Darkness material. In addition, I have a large body of tools and articles for Exalted 2e, many of which are posted in my Ghost of a Chance game’s wiki. Look for those projects and more as they are created or follow me on twitter.