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Games played in:
Return to the Tomb of Horrors – A Ranger (finished)
Birthright – Judythia Bluegill, a Halfling (fell apart)
D&D 3.0 – Wimbley Woonsocket, a Gnome (only had two sessions)
Werewolf: Dark Ages – Diego del Fuego, a Warden (stopped)
D&D 3.5, 4th ed – The World’s Largest Dungeon – Shennen McBride, 6th level Paladin (stopped)
D&D 4th ed – Demon Queen’s Enclave – Duma, half-orc Druid, 14th level(died). Sim, changeling Bard, 15th level.

Games currently in:
D&D 4th ed – Dark Sun Campaign
Birthright 4th ed – Miri Gortiskaya – 5th level Vos Barabarian

Games currently running:
Changeling: The Lost – Alice’s Secret – Six players, started July 29th.
*1st Arc name: Dysfunctional Parts or How I Learned to Love the Fetch
*Current Arc name: Oh Knob, Knob, Who’s Got the Knob?

Favorite Campaigns

  • Slaader
  • ianx
  • oakfellow
  • Alexander Cecil
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