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Whee! My gamer bio!

As a kid, I had a very active imagination and was quite a bookworm. I devoured easily a book a day during the summers. Well, when I was 14-ish, I was lucky – my older brother invited me to play 1st Ed. D&D with him and his buddies. I loved it, and have been gaming ever since.

One of my favorite encounters was in college when a friend of my then boyfriend (now husband) exclaimed in amazement that I had my own gaming books. Um, yep! ^_~

I’ve played quite a few settings and systems, some briefly and some in depth: D&D 1st through 4th, Champions, Dark Conspiracy, GURPS, Earthdawn, CyberPunk & CyberGen, Star Wars (various editions), Vampire the Masquerade, Werewolf the Apocalypse (my all-time favorite setting), L5R, Pendragon, Mutants & Masterminds, Serenity, Dark Heresy…

I am currently in a monthly GURPS game with 3 of my brothers and my husband, a Pathfinder game, and a Dresden Files game. Fun stuff!

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