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My name is David and I have been gaming for 20 years, which means that for more than half of my life I have been a roleplayer, pc gamer and avid, near insatiable geek. As I grow older, my desire for gaming culture and roleplaying has only gotten stronger, never weaker.

I live in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Obviously this means we face challenges of slow internet connections, expensive bandwidth, data caps and the ilk, virtually only a handful of roleplaying gamers, fewer stores from which to access our desired hobby and a multitude of other difficulties.

This doesn’t stop me, nor the small group that I game with. We enjoy our hobby more than anything.

I’ve created adventures and run both Dungeons and Dragons and Shadowrun campaigns and am considered the DM in the groups that I am in. Well, at least the old group, but the new group will come to learn, and to fear me. It is only a matter of time. ;)

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