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Game Master, player, arbiter, judge and dice supplier. The Jedirockstar makes the party get started. Without him, your just a bunch of nerds, but with him you are THE NERDS and have no need for such things as grammar and punctuation.

It all started with Chrono Trigger, and then Elendor, and then Gamma World 2nd edition, and now SAGA. I’ve probly made a bajillion characters, but here are the list of the notable retired, dead, or characters wandering the purgatory of unfinished games that will more than 99% chance stay unplayed.

Saqwaro- Cactus Scout
Malmstein- Chameleon Scout
Feng Lee- Chinese Monk
Yasinori- Jedi Sentinel
Raal Daala- Jedi Weaponmaster
Jynx- Cryokinetic AND Lightbending Thief
Dirk Ems- My best scout/beastmaster
That drunken Bith guy- Mr.Fix it
Vargus The Pirate- Pirate…duh
Shamus O’Flannigan- Cleric with literally killer charisma
Ok I’m done naming guys… I think there is a few more but meh, their dead.

I prefer Rogues, and Nobles or talky characters, but often find myself being the scout (no one wants to be one).

In the end, I just like table top games, that and cheese.

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