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Born at a very early age, I’ve been gaming since 1992 or so (with 1st & 2nd ed AD&D… GO THAC0!). I’m super happy to be running a 4th ed game with some amazing people right now. I also DM for the D&D Encounters program at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA.

If you’re looking for me on Facebook, you’ll find me here.

I’ve been a contributor on The Tome Show (episode 196 , about the D&D 4E Underdark Survival Guide and episode 228 , about converting adventures between editions), one of the best D&D podcasts out there. I recently started writing occasionally for, too.

I also review roleplaying products for Modern Myths, Inc, my local gaming store. Feel free to check out my reviews:
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I also love running games at conventions, like Smith College’s ConBust
For Conbust 2012 I ran a zombie apocalypse 4E D&D game (“The Spoiled of War”… a Walking-Dead-in-D&D setup that went GREAT!), ran a creative writing class, and spoke on the following panels: GMing 101, Stage Magic for Storytellers, and Character Building 101.
At Conbust 2013, I ran a 4E D&D Psycho-themed red dragon hunt with the dragon taking orders from the skeleton of his mother (which everyone assumed was a dracolich).

While I love playing in a good game (I’m currently in a pretty awesome 13th Age game at Modern Myths), my true love is DMing. Something about the freedom to create a world in which my friends can experience the stories I write for them. Awesome.

In my spare time, I do fire performance, occasional stage magic, and teach writing classes. Oh, and also do stuff with my lovely wife, including finding ways to increase her geek exposure.

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