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Kieyanna Brownflame is a woman of great knowledge, specializing in arcana and planes. She is exceptional at spell craft in regards to her sorceress class. Her stature is relative to her half-elf race. Kieyanna is 5’7", 125 pounds, and aged at 26 years. Her hair is white and eyes are amber in color. She wears a robe of earth tone color—-preferably olive green. Her under garments are also of earth tones and is winter green. A hat is optional head dress, but when worn matches the color of the robe.
p. Brownflame originally comes from Issia (one of the two former nations that now comprise Brevoy). Her hometown was feared by all along the Sellen River south of Issia and forced its’ occupants to be cunning and brutal in order to survive. This fear made the people of Issia renowned as raiders and pirates due to their reign over Taldor, which left the area in shambles and too barren for vegetation. The lack of food turned the Issians to piracy so they could support themselves.
p. Kieyanna Brownflame is eternally grateful to her mother, Svetlana, and father, Landor, for allowing her to roam the country aiding others in minuscule missions and for turning her away from the Issain piracy and raids. However, shortly after her first mission, the love of her life, Valinor, ripped out her heart and stomped on it. He was the neighbor human boy and they spent their childhood together. Since the breakup, she continually applied and accepted options to partake in missions to keep her mind off the negative feelings she felt told her ex-lover. Due to love interests ruined, she finds it extremely difficult to trust the human race. Kieyanna remains in these missions, to this day, because she feels she has met her calling in life-to safe people and her country from destruction.
p. Kieyanna tends to shy away from cruelty, unless its goes against her believes. However, if she or her family and friends (even mission companions) are in danger she will resort to violence. She generally does not like to partake in a unified culture, so she surrounds herself with people of various classes and cultures to rid herself of this lifestyle. While on missions, Brownflame always keeps three goals in mind: 1) to follow orders and complete missions, 2) to master weaponry and skills, and 3) always have a backup plan. When one goal is fulfilled it is replaced with another personal goal. This is done so the character can have a sense of accomplishment wherever her life takes her.

*her parents died shortly before this mission began, so is on edge around people who have died and while she kills protecting people cared about

  • will eventually begin to trust humans again
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